Island Gypsy’s Detailed Delivery System

At Island Gypsy your brand-new vessel is our top priority. We understand that the shipping process of your vessel can be a nerve-racking time, but our team here ensure your boat is continually in safe hands the entire time. To help ease your nerves we conduct a Survey Report for every one of our vessels so that you can know where your vessel is throughout the shipping process and how we are caring for it. The first part of the report thoroughly explains your vessels pre-loading condition. This section goes through important points such as:

  • The type of yard the boat was stored at
  • How the cargo was packed
  • If any tears were found in the cargo packing
  • If any dust or dirt was found on the packing
  • Marks found on steel supports holding the cargo
  • If any physical damage was found on the vessel

Accompanying the report of the vessels condition are photos of the vessel to explain the points and provide peace of mind that it is in the best care. All angles of the cargo are captured to guarantee it’s in perfect condition prior to being loaded onto the ship. These images provide full transparency on the condition of the vessel so that we can ensure we are giving each one of our clients the best.

A sample of the images included in the report is pictured.

The report then provides a background of the ship that the cargo will be travelling on and its condition before it breaks down the loading operation involved. Like before, great attention is paid when reporting on the loading operation. It breaks down whether your vessel may have been exposed to chemicals or salt during the loading or discharging process.

We then receive a detailed breakdown of the equipment being used to load the vessels accompanied with images of each vessel being loaded. We consider these reports well worth the investment as they are almost 20 pages long and go into great detail. By investing extra time and money in having these comprehensive reports completed, we can guarantee each of our client’s vessels are delivered in perfect condition every time.

This is just another reason why you should consider investing in your very own Island Gypsy!